Shark Rotator Professional (NV400)

The shark rotator is similar to the shark navigator lift away in more ways than one but has a few differences. The differences are that the cord is shorter and the can doesn’t hold as much. It keeps the allergens away and picks up the pet hair and dust all the same it just looks a little different and you cant go as far with it.

the ultimate guide to buy Shark Rotator Professional (NV400) reveiws

If you decide to buy this one and not the other one then it still works the same and you wont have and problems with it like you do with vacuums with bags.

This Product Is Recommended For

  • Doctors Offices
  • House Wives
  • ​Daycare’s
  • ​Cleaning Businesses

1.) Never loses suction-

with the fact that it never loses suction and can last a while means no replacing the vacuum for a while. You will always be satisfied with a clean floor and it works better than a bag vacuum. The suction will pull up a lot of things that a normal vacuum can not. These are some of the best shark vacuums that you can buy on the market these days so if you plan to get one you really should. This is good for the hard wood floors because it is so much harder to clean them because the dust just floats around.

2.) Anti -allergen Seal-

this keeps you and your family and friends healthy and cold free. You will see a doctor less and get to spend more time with your kids because you wont be laid up in bed because of a runny nose and stopped up head. You will never visit the pharmacy section of a store again because you are feeling sick and need medication for how bad you are feeling.

3.) Deep carpet cleaning-

this will help with those thick carpets that other vacuums cant get down in because they don’t have enough suction or the brushes on them don’t dig deep enough.Having the deep cleaning feature will help you pick up every thing under your rug and not just off the top layer. This is where it helps get out all the allergens and dust mites that are hiding deep down that you cant seem to get with the vacuums that have bags or the ones that cant really get done into the carpets. It helps loosen the dirt that has been hiding in your carpets for years before you even realized you had a problem with the dirt way down under.


4.) Pet tools-

having these tools help you guys with pets keep the hair off the carpet and furniture. Tired of going to work with pet hair on you or finding pet hair in your morning coffee because its flying around and landing in your coffee before you can even drink it, this helps so that you don’t have to worry about this any longer and you can go to work looking clean and fresh like every other co worker of yours. Your kids will be happy that they don’t have to dust off each time they change there clothes to.

5.) Light weight-


it seems that all of the shark vacuums are light weight so it is so much easier for you to carry them around or take them places. You will not have to deal with back pain or not being able to move it because you just don’t want to deal with the fact that it is so heavy. This would be a great gift so that you don’t have to worry about your mother hurling herself while she is trying to clean her home. If you are needing this in a business then you can get it out use it and not have to worry about fighting to get it out and it seems to be very quiet so no one will hear it when you get it out. Having a daycare would be something that could really use this if a child is sleeping and you need to vacuum then pull this great shark vacuum out and run it over the floors without waking a single child up.


  • Its quiet so you don’t hear it.
  • Has a nice look to it so its not an eye sore.
  • ​Very durable and last long.
  • ​Light weight so easy to use.


  • Prone to little mishaps on the trap door.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Has anyone else had issues with the trap door?

Is it easy to clean?

Is the cord a manual or automatic winding cord?

Can you use this on hard wood flooring?

Bottom Line:

This vacuum is a great vacuum and will help you out when it comes to needing to get the cleaning done fast quick and in a hurry. You don’t have to fight with the fact that it is going to take a up a lot of space in your storage and you can pick it up with out having to prepare your body for the weight. It is nice and quiet so if you have small kids then it is a great choice to decide. Between this vacuum and other models like it you would not be making a bad decision and you will thank yourself in the end. Go buy this vacuum so you can forget about the back pain and the hassle of the heavy vacuums. Go buy it so you can stop spending your money on bags that will just be thrown out in the end anyways. You will be making a great purchase and you and your kids will be happy with the change in the atmosphere of your home.

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