Shark Navigator Lift -Away Professional (NV356E)

This Shark vacuum would make the perfect addition to any household. Its lightweight for easy use and the huge canister easily lifts away for easy disposal. The steering is easy to maneuver as it swivels between furniture and around large objects.

Shark Navigator Lift -Away Professional (NV356E) review

This high powered vacuum is perfect for hard bare floors as well as carpeting and leaves any house looking immaculate. The cord is an excellent length of 30 feet and reaches far for extra -large rooms and hallways. The Shark Navigator Lift -Away Professional is one of the best Shark vacuums as it never loses suction and continuously traps allergens and dust.

This product is designed for

  • Pet owners who are tired of trying to manage the heavy duty fur “traffic” that gets strung throughout the house
  • Parents who want a clean and shiny hard floor and dust free carpet for their family
  • Business owners that want their floors to look as spotless as the rest of their office

Anti -Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA Filter

This feature is a perfect fit for someone who has allergies due to seasonal changes, dust, or pet dander. It traps away 99.9% of allergens and dust in the extra -large canister, which easily lifts away from the vacuum for easy disposal options. It is also perfect for ensuring that the air in the house is clean as it prevents the dust and allergens that will attach themselves to the carpet from entering the airway as you vacuum.

The HEPA filter, short for High -Efficiency Particulate Arrestance, is amazing at filtering the air of allergens as it sucks the dust particles into the vacuum and pushes out the clean air. It filters out allergens caused by dust, pet dander, pollen, and more.

Shark_Navigator_Lift -Away_Professional_(NV356E)

Swivel Steering for Amazing Control

The swivel steering is an important feature to have to be considered one of the best Shark vacuums. Its lightweight body easily turns and maneuvers around large furniture and objects. It rounds corners like a charm, gets in between stair railings, and moves easily along curved walls.

There is no need to move couches or chairs with this amazingly controlled vacuum. Unlike some other vacuums, this awesome and yet light vacuum gets you where you need to go to get the ultimate clean floor. If there is exercise equipment that you are vacuuming around, this machine will do it with ease. Foot -stools or coffee tables? They are no match for the easy and amazing swiveling of the Shark Navigator Lift -Away Professional.

Dust Away Attachment

Shark_Navigator_Lift -Away_Professional_Vacuum

The dust away attachment is perfect for cleaning hardwood and linoleum floors. Use this Shark in place of a broom to actually dust away and suck up dirt and grime, rather than just push it around. It cleans your hard floor better than a broom or dry mop.

The dust away attachment comes with two microfiber dust pads to easily suck up larger particles and dust bunnies. It thoroughly cleans your hard floor to prepare for mopping. You never have to touch a broom again with this awesome feature.

The soft pad of the dust away attachment ensures that your floors are not scratched or damaged in any way by using this vacuum, and it prevents your floors from needing replacement due to scratches and dings.

Extra Tools for Whatever Job You Need to Have Done

The extra tools that come with this Shark help you take care of any job that you need to have done. The pet power brush is perfect for pet owners. Its amazing capability of pulling up large amounts of fur that attaches itself to furniture is a great feature to have. This powerful brush removes hair from furniture left by shedding animals and prevents it from getting on your clothes later on.

The crevice tool is perfect for cleaning between floor boards, in and around vents, along walls, and in crevices of furniture. This tool allows more than just a surface clean. It allows digging down to the dirt for the cleanest clean yet.

Lift Away Mode

This vacuum is a portable Shark vacuum and can function without the canister being strapped to the upright. This allows you to attach the dusting pad and walk freely through your hard floor areas without worrying about the wheels sliding against the floor. Because cleaning hard floors doesn’t require that the canister is attached to the body, a closer cleaning and dusting experience is had. It also lightens the load of the already light vacuum.

What was once 14 pounds is now 8 pounds, so move freely through your kitchen or whatever room you are working in without having to worry about hurting your back. The lift away canister is also perfect for simply lifting away and dumping its contents.

Shark_Navigator_Lift -Away_Professional


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easily maneuvers around sharp corners
  • ​Picks up large amounts of pet hair
  • ​Can be used on hard floors in place of sweeping
  • High powered suction for clearing the room of allergens and dust


  • Doesn’t edge well, crevice tool needed for wall edges
  • Hose is small and tight
  • Because it’s so light machine can be a little tippy

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does pet hair clog up the roll?

Even though this is a lightweight vacuum, is it still high quality?

Final Verdict

This is an amazing little vacuum, especially for pet owners. The many features that it comes with are perfect for any home. Why break your back cleaning, when you can use this lightweight and incredibly powerful vacuum for both carpets and hard flooring? It is definitely a wonderful investment. I would recommend it to anybody that has gotten tired of cheaply manufactured vacuums that need to be fixed or replaced within a manner of months.

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