Shark Navigator Lift – Away Deluxe (NV360)

This is Shark nv360 review and buying guide.Read this article to know more about this vacuum.The Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 could definitely be considered the best Shark vacuum. It is a portable Shark vacuum that is lightweight and can handle heavy duty jobs all at the same time. It features anti -allergen technology with a high HEPA filter for keeping the air clean of particles that could get kicked up while vacuuming.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 is designed for

  • Anyone who has allergies, family members with allergies, or someone in the household with breathing problems.
  • Anyone who needs the strength of a power head as well as easy portability.
  • ​Parents who are looking to keep their children’s play areas clean and free of irritants and dirt
  • Business owners who need something powerful and yet portable for superb cleaning
buying tips and reviews of Shark Navigator Lift -Away Deluxe (NV360)

Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360

Swivel Steering

The swivel steering of the power head allows complete control over where the vacuum goes. Use it to clean around furniture, under tables, around corners, and in otherwise hard to maneuver spots. Easily maneuvers so you don’t have to clean in straight lines, which makes it perfect for round rugs and curved rooms. Easily slides under furniture for catching those pesky crumbs that kids leave under the couch.

The swivel steering combines with the powerful suction to create an entirely controlled and easy to use the vacuum, making it fall under the category of one of the best Shark vacuums. It actually makes vacuuming fun in a way that you didn’t realize it could be.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360

Never Loses Suction Technology

The never loses suction technology is built right into this vacuum. Separating fine dirt and sand from the air the cyclonic feature keeps air circulating inside the vacuum to prevent clogging up the filters. Suction stays strong in this vacuum for long periods of time before the filters need to be cleaned. Regardless of how many rooms you have to clean, this upright never loses suction and just keeps right on going.

This specific feature is perfect for households that have heavy dirt traffic or pets. Combined with the anti –allergen features the never loses suction technology keeps dirt out of the filter and out of the air that you breathe. It falls right into the dirt canister.

Anti -Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA Filter

Shark_Navigator_Lift -Away_Deluxe_NV360

For any household that has people with allergies or breathing problems or anyone who wants to prevent those issues, Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 is the perfect vacuum. The highly advanced HEPA filter locks in allergens and keeps them out of your air. The anti -allergen complete seal technology traps dirt and dust particles before they have a chance to irritate your breathing.

It captures and holds 99.9% of all dirt and allergen particles. You will never notice this vacuum kicking dust back out at you.

The amazing suction feature of this vacuum pulls it in, and the anti -allergen complete seal technology holds it in. You won’t see that dirt again until you empty the dirt canister.

Portable Canister With Premium Pet Tools

For anyone that wants to clean carpeted stairs easily, this would be the vacuum for you. The easily removable portable canister is perfect for getting the grit and grime off of your staircase. Add in the premium pet tools and it becomes a pet hair cleaning machine.

Use the portable feature to clean off stairs, furniture easily, or hard to reach places. The premium pet tools quickly grab at loose pet hair and dander to make your home spotless and pet hair free. It works perfectly for someone who has pet allergies or just doesn’t want the evidence of owning pets to show up on their clothing. These tools pick up the pet hair on the first try without having to run the tools over the pet hair filled furniture constantly.

Carpet and Bare Floor Cleaning With the Ability to Shut off Brush Roll

Some of the other vacuums do not give you the power to turn off the brush roll while cleaning hard floors. Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 is not like the others. Completely control the settings for either carpet or bare floor cleaning. Turn the brush roll off for vacuuming the bare floor to suck up loose dirt and debris easily. It captures dirt better than any broom does. This vacuum also doesn’t kick up dirt like sweeping does, so it keeps your air clean and free of allergens and dirt. Easily switch settings when going from carpet to hard floor and back again. This feature makes it perfect for hard floors with heavy throw rugs.

shark nv360 review


  • Portable Shark vacuum
  • Bullet Poi
  • ​Easily maneuvers around furniture and edges
  • ​Removes allergens from the air and runs outbound air through HEPA filter
  • Doesn’t have an incredibly loud sound
  • ​Dirt canister is easy to clean
  • Fairly lightweight


  • Smaller powerhead so it doesn’t clean a large area at once, multiple sweeps around the room will be required
  • Cord doesn’t retract
  • Not a huge dirt canister which means it may need emptying it out multiple times in one use

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the cord retract?

How will I know when the HEPA filter needs to be changed?

How easy is it to lift away the canister?

Final Verdict

Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 is a heavy duty, high quality, never losing suction, cleaning machine. The portability option is outstanding, and this vacuum would make a great addition to your home. The Shark Navigator Lift -Away Deluxe could be considered the best Shark vacuum and is a one -stop shop for everything you need your vacuum for. Combine all of its amazing cleaning technology with the powerful HEPA filter and anti -allergen component and you have yourself an excellent vacuum cleaner. I would most definitely suggest this vacuum for anybody who is tired of vacuum manufacturers making a lot of claims and not following through. This vacuum is everything that it claims to be.

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details guide. thanks
I love nv360 navigator because it’s easy to use.

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    Thanks Gonia.great to see you here.
    Yes, NV360 is a great vacuum.


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