Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

This vacuum cleaner is the perfect example of a convenient cleaning tool to have around. Not only is it bagless and easy to empty, but this particular vacuum is also cordless. It just simply plugs into a charger and then is used without a pesky cord getting in the way.

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) reviews

Never worry about tripping, running over or unplugging your cable again with this excellent feature. The charge holds for long periods of time so that you don’t have to worry about a disruption in your vacuuming. This is a great little vacuum for any household to help encourage stress -free cleaning.

This product is designed for

  • Moms who get tired of tripping over the vacuum cord or having to tell their children multiple times to watch out for the cord
  • Parents who want an easy and convenient way to vacuum the house thoroughly
  • Business people who don’t want the cord tripping them up as they keep their office spotless Cordless

The cordless feature on this little stick vacuum allows you to charge the vacuum over night and use it throughout your whole house the next day without losing a charge. It’s very convenient to prevent tripping, tangling, accidentally pulling the cord out of the wall, or running over the cord with your vacuum and sucking it up (something that can burn away the wire coating as well as ruin your spin bar).

This nifty feature has you plugging the docking into a convenient outlet and leaving it. Charge the vacuum for 4 or more hours to get the complete charge, then take it off the docking station and go to town on cleaning the floors of your house.


Works on Hard Floors and Carpeting

The vacuum can be set at two different settings. One for carpeting and one for hard floors. The hard floors setting allows you to use it on tile, linoleum, and hardwood. It doesn’t use the spin brush, which would push the dirt around more, and instead, sucks all of the contents straight through to the dirt canister.

Many people purchase this vacuum just for use on hard floors because of how awesome it is at getting the dirt.

Always sweeping after kids, animals, and spouses can be quite the chore. With this little vacuum, however, you won’t need to touch your broom again. It easily cleans hard floors for an excellent prelude to mopping.

Advanced Swivel Steering


The superior swivel steering allows you to maneuver this vacuum between furniture, around hard corners quickly, and into hard to reach spots. It’s perfect for the living room full of coffee tables, couches, chairs, and foot -stools as it can easily and safely move around each one in an effortless manner.

The excellent control that is provided with this feature doesn’t just allow your vacuum to move easily around furniture; its high-powered suction allows you to clean those areas so thoroughly that your house will look like a new house.

Those dust bunnies and fur balls that take up residence in between or behind furniture, don’t stand a chance with how quickly you’ll move this vacuum to reach them.

Extra -large Dust Cup

The extra large dust cup allows you continued cleaning time without having to stop every few minutes to empty the cup. Not only does it have a huge capacity, but it is also really easy to dump in the garbage. There are two options, one on top and one on the bottom of the canister, for dumping so you never have to interact with the dirt.

The high capacity of this canister means that you can move from room to room without losing suction because the canister is getting full. Even with huge messes like spilled cat litter or sand, this extra -large dust cup will keep going for a while before requiring you to empty it.

Very Lightweight


The product itself weighs in at a mean 7.5 pounds. It’s incredible lightness means that you can maneuver stairs, heavy traffic areas, and large rooms without killing your back. It’s an incredibly high-powered suction vacuum that barely weighs anything adding to the convenience of it all as you move room to room.

Just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it’s “cheap” though. This high -quality vacuum has the power to make your cleaning nightmares turn into a sweet dream as it makes your life so much easier. There’s nothing worse than having to lug an oversized vacuum up and down the steps, as well as control it while cleaning the steps. You never have to worry about that with this vacuum. Not only is it lightweight, but that feature fits perfectly with the smooth maneuvering function.


  • Extra -large dust cupLightweight
  • Can be used on hard floors and carpeting
  • ​Perfect for families with pets
  • ​No cords to get tangled or sucked up in the vacuum
  • Easy to charge and easy to use


  • Initially takes a while to charge before you can use it
  • Doesn’t have more than the two settings for hard floor and carpet

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long does it take to charge fully?

How well does it clean edges?

Is this a portable Shark vacuum?

Does the brush turn off when used on hard floors?

Final Verdict

This is definitely one of the best Shark vacuums. It is the perfect example of a modern convenience. The fantastic cordless action and the fact that it never loses suction makes this the ideal vacuum. It actually makes vacuuming fun.

There’s no frustration from a tangling cord or from wires being ripped from the wall. This is the perfect vacuum for anybody that wants a convenient, lightweight vacuum for both hard floors and carpeting. Especially if those same people want to learn actually to enjoy cleaning again. If you want the best Shark vacuum, you will definitely want this one in your home.

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