How to Clean Vinyl Flooring Properly

Clean Vinyl Flooring Properly Guide


Vinyl floors are durable, long-lasting and attractive. They are popular among home owners because they canwithstand a lot of abuse including high traffic movement and are available in a wide range of patterns andcolors. So, they need extra care and proper cleaning to keep them looking stunning. As such, you need tolearn the different cleaning tips and technique and identify one that works best for you. Below are a few tipson how to clean vinyl flooring properly.

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring Properly

Dry Mop or Vacuum clean

Before you start cleaning your vinyl floor, use a vacuum cleaner or dry mop to get rid of dirt, dust, and debrison the floor. These are the main causes of discolored and visually displeasing floors. Always vacuum cleanbefore wet mopping. Consider using a doormat to keep out harsh chemicals and dirt. Innate dirt means extragrit and broom time which in turn distorts your floors' finishing. Harsh chemicals from asphalt stick to yourshoes and you transfer them to your floor resulting to yellowing.

Use low impact cleaning techniques

It is common to get tempted to blast away stubborn dirt with heavy-duty or industrial floor cleaners. But, it isadvisable to clean your vinyl floor using the mildest techniques. As stated above, start by vacuum cleaningevery evening just before bedtime and wiping out spill immediately to prevent them from sticking. For dirt thatyour vacuum cleaner or broom cannot get rid of, soak your mop in warm water and rub gently. If this still doesnot work, add soap or detergent designed for cleaning floors in the warm water and mop the area gently.

Use the right floor cleansers

Most homeowners go wrong when choosing floor cleansers. You should choose a cleanser depending on thetype of vinyl floor you have. No -wax floors should be washed with cleansers designed for no -wax vinyl floorsand vice versa. Different cleansers should be used differently, so, adhere to the directions listed on thecontainer. However, if your vinyl floor is old and requires waxing, use warm water and a detergent to clean it.Use a damp sponge or mop to rub the area gently until the dirt gets off. Be careful not to rub off the waxbecause you would have to reapply it. Once the floor is clear of dirt and stains, rinse it with cool water and aclean mop. Ignore what the cleanser usage guidelines say about not having to rinse the detergent. Leavingyour floor un-rinsed means leaving residue on that could result in stubborn stains.

Use the right floor cleansers

Avoid drenching your floor

When trying to clean a built-in stain, you may be tempted to use an overly wet sponge or mop. However, theexcess water will get into the edges, cracks, and seams and destroy the glue bond that holds your vinyl floorin place. As a result, the floor may loosen, and its corners may curl.

Rinse well to eliminate all soap and detergent residues

Soaps and detergents are good at cleaning and removing dirt. But, soap scums leave a film that collects dustand dirt that may require serious cleaning. So, rinse your floor with a clean damp mop. The water you use todump the mop should be clean and should not contain soap or detergent. Change the water once it getssoapy. Use two mops when washing your floor; one for washing and another for rinsing.

Preserve the sheen

No -wax vinyl floors have a clear polyurethane coating that gives them a shiny look. Waxing such floors stripsthe coating and distorts the sheen. So, if the sheen needs to be restored avoid using waxing products andmops. Instead, use a sealant or polish designed for no -wax floors. Ensure that the floor is thoroughly cleanbefore applying two thin layers of polish or sealant. If applied as instructed, the layers should preserve thesheen for about one year. Older vinyl floors should be waxed when necessary and use the recommendedamount.

Use apple cedar vinegar

Apple cedar vinegar is one of the best vinyl floor cleansers. Its acidity assists in removing grime and dirtwithout leaving soap films behind. Add a cup of apple cedar vinegar to a bucket of warm water and use amop to clean. Rinse the mop frequently with hot water and substitute cider vinegar with white vinegar if youwant to disinfect your floor as you clean. To boost sheen to vinyl floors, add a few drops of baby oil to yourwater and vinegar solution.


Just like all investments, you should care for your vinyl floor by cleaning it regularly and properly. The secretis understanding your vinyl floor type and the type of stain you need to address. For instance, a soft bristlebrush and household solvents can remove most floor stains. Rubbing alcohol removes ink, hair dye, andlipstick stains while mineral spirits get rid of marker, paint and crayon stains. Also, be sure to avoid theproducts and cleaning materials that are nor recommended.

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